Allahpundit gets it right on the the latest O'Donnell v. Coons kerfuffle.

John McCain compares Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan.

Gwen Ifill and Markos Moulitsas mock Palin for correctly referencing date of the Boston Tea Party.

Bret Stephens: "The Trouble With Talking to the Taliban."

Tom Gross reports: "Time magazine, which previously claimed that Palestinians were 'starving,' now writes of the Palestinian 'multistory villas fronted by ornamental porticos and columns,' the 'car dealerships selling everything from BMWs to Hyundais,' and the 'state of the art gyms with the latest equipment, classes in spinning, kickboxing and Pilates, a sauna and even a smoothie bar.'"

The Onion: "Democrats Could Lose Up To 8,000 Seats In Upcoming Midterm Election."

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