Robert Kagan: "Why Senate Republicans should pass the New START treaty."

Fred Barnes wrote this summer on why the Senate Republicans find START problematic.

Mark Hemingway: "New York Times: Hey, aren’t these wacky commies in the West Village cool?"

Pat Sajak issues a mea culpa for putting Keith Olbermann on national television.

Jamie Weinstein: "Hollywood hit job: ‘Fair Game’ propagates easily disprovable myths about lead up to Iraq War."

Politico: "The White House rewrote crucial sections of an Interior Department report to suggest an independent group of scientists and engineers supported a six-month ban on offshore oil drilling, the Interior inspector general says in a new report."

"Rapper Finds Order in Orthodox Judaism in Israel."

Wall Street Journal: "From Jakarta to Jerusalem."

FDA wants to put gruesome photos on cigarette boxes.

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