"Want to guess which potential Republican candidate looks ready to pass the pH test on [cap and trade]? Mitch Daniels. In early 2009, when the issue was ill-defined, he was already arguing against it. That's a nice arrow in the quiver the next time he's asked about the 'social truce.'"

"White House website on GOP: 'They're racist'"

"The Inside Story of the Abbottabad Raid"

So, um, this is the cover of Levi Johnston's new book?

From THE WEEKLY STANDARD archives: "Why Newt Must Run" by one Arianna Huffington

"How Many Tom Friedmans Does It Take To Screw In A Chinese Lightbulb?"

California looks to regulate -- hotel sheets?

"Lifeguarding in OC is totally lucrative; some make over $200k"

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