So apparently Newt Gingrich and the "World’s Best Blogger" are in total agreement that the President should have released his birth certificate a long time ago. I don't think that's the reaction the White House had in mind.

"Questions for Ben Bernanke"

Note to law firms: It's pretty dumb to shaft a client with subpoena power.

Condoleezza Rice: "Don can be a grumpy guy. We all know that."

Oh sure, San Francisco has hordes of violent, mentally ill people harassing tourists on the streets but it's a good thing the city is addressing the injustice of circumcision.

"Why liberals owe Reagan a huge apology"

She's baaaack!: Sharron Angle to run for Heller's seat in Nevada.

Astroturf fail: "That’s footage from a health-care town hall put on by Rep. Steve Kagen (D., Wis.). Correction, former Rep. Steve Kagen."

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