Valerie Jarrett draws the line at releasing the president's college transcripts.

"Unfollowed: How a (Possible) Social Network Spy Came Undone"

Senator Marco Rubio on "How America Must Respond to the Massacre in Syria"

Yet more environmental NIMBY-ism.

New Marist Poll: "Obama’s Handling of the Economy at All-Time Low"

Calling many academics "useless" is probably justified, however.

Is Mitch Daniels' "truce" about to get tested? Or is defunding Planned Parenthood just a fiscal issue?

"Forget the certificate itself. The most astonishing thing I saw yesterday was a sitting president waiting for the host of “Celebrity Apprentice” to finish a New Hampshire press availability so he could start his own. When your presidency is so lackluster you’re getting upstaged by a guy whose job is to coax coherent sentences out of Gary Busey . . . well this was not a good moment for the republic."

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