"Rep. Pete King is right, say feds and cops: We don't get many tips from Muslim community"

Hey, remember when Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that he wouldn't want more domestic energy production even if gas hit $10 a gallon? I wonder if the Interior Secretary still feels that way.

ABC has a new TV pilot called "Good Christian Bitches." What could go wrong?

Jon Chait sure is egregiously wrong much of the time.

The birth of a new talking point for fiscal conservatives: Government payouts now "more than a third of total wages and salaries of the U.S. population."

I guess when you're French you know a thing or two about the problems of excessive government pensions.

What's Sherrod Brown's worst reelection nightmare? A Jewish Republican 33-year-old Iraq war veteran with a law degree who's already served two terms in the Ohio legislature.

Sometimes I get the feeling it would be more honest if Greg Sargent just added the words "Dems say" to all his headlines.

In Portland, Oregon even the criminals have progressive views on gun control.

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