And the top five suggestions for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's new bumper sticker are:

We’ve Got Your Back, Barack

Had Enough Tea? Repeal Republicans in 2012!

GOP: Not My Cup of Tea

No Tea For Me, Thanks. I Prefer Progress.


Only three Tea jokes? Come on guys, get on the stick!

Pretty soon public sector unions will literally have you by genitals.

When you absolutely, positively have to restore civic order -- call in the Marine Corps.

"Chris Christie’s Correction List to the New York Times Is as Big as He Is"

Remember when Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., broke down crying while yesterday? About that...

Jerry Brown says that if California Republicans don't raise taxes the result will be "Armageddon."

The Weekly Standard's own Irwin Stelzer on "Carbon Taxes: An Opportunity for Conservatives."

"We dared him to do it and it seemed like a good idea after a few hours of drinking," said one friend. "There was a loud crack and then he started to float away. We thought it was funny at first but then he started to scream for help."

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