RINOs Under Attack: "Sources say Chaffetz is in against Hatch"

"A 'Frosty' and 'Frank' Meeting Between President Obama and House GOP"

"Rep. Anthony Weiner follows only a select 198 of his nearly 49,000 Twitter fans -- and a surprising number of them are total babes."

"When contacted by The Daily Caller, [porn star and stripper Ginger] Lee wouldn’t say what Weiner sent her in that private direct message, or DM in Twitter-speak. Lee also refused to answer whether she and Weiner have had other private communications and declined to say whether Weiner has sent her photos of any kind. Instead, she downplayed the #Weinergate scandal."

"Did Geithner use Turbo-Tax to calculate Detroit employment?"

On to New Hampshire! "One Iowa Republican on the poll we will release tomorrow said they would vote for Jon Huntsman if the election was today- not 1% but one respondent, period."

"Wall Street Baffled by Slowing Economy, Low Yields"

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