"But Other Than Being Shot to Death, Mr. Lincoln, How Did You Like the Play?"

James Pethokoukis is en fuego -- see "The $4 trillion gap: Obama vs. Ryan, an apples-to-apples budget comparison" and "Hacking Obama’s black box budget."

Wisconsin and beyond: Oklahoma is about to outlaw public sector collective bargaining.

Live by press leaks, die by press leaks.

No, Paul Ryan does not force his staff to read Ayn Rand.

Ramesh Ponnuru on Dhalia Lithwick -- oof.

The New York Times notices that even Democrats don't like Obama's Medicare plan.

Michael Barone: "Did Barack Obama take Tax 1 in law school? I did, and I remember the first day of classes, when mild-mannered professor Boris Bittker asked a simple question, 'What is income?'"

"A reminder: Obama could easily lose next year."

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