Every time you think Harry Reid can't be even more crassly political and partisan, you're proven wrong. He's now appointed Patty Murray—chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)—to be co-chair of the new deficit supercommittee. Murray has little in the way of widely recognized budget or economic expertise (like her fellow appointee, Max Baucus), and she's not an elder statesman (like the other appointee, John Kerry). But her fundraising for the DSCC sure won't be hurt by the impression that she's now an awfully important person for corporations and individuals to cozy up to.

By the way, the DSCC website is currently featuring a petition for Democrats to sign, pledging solidarity against the Republicans who want to "destroy Medicare." "I won’t stand by silently as Republicans destroy Medicare – and our middle class – and shift money to the wealthy and huge corporations. I stand with Democrats against the GOP’s End Medicare Plan," the petition states. And this is who is supposed to work in a bipartisan way to curb spending, reduce deficits, and compromise.

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