Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader from Nevada, released a statement about the formation of a select committee in the House of Representatives to investigate the federal government's response to the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. In his statement, Reid criticized the Republican party for having "nothing to offer the middle class." Reid also mentioned the Koch brothers.

Here's the full statement:

Republicans are showing yet again that they have nothing to offer the middle class. Republicans care more about defending billionaires like the Koch brothers and trying to rekindle debunked right-wing conspiracy theories than raising the minimum wage or ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work.

There have already been multiple investigations into this issue and an independent Accountability Review Board is mandated under current law. For Republicans to waste the American people’s time and money staging a partisan political circus instead of focusing on the middle class is simply a bad decision. While Republicans try to gin up yet another political food fight, Senate Democrats will remain focused on fostering economic growth for all hard-working Americans.

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