Senate majority leader Harry Reid believes President Obama is going to take some executive action on immigration.

“The decision is the president’s,” Reid tells Politico in an interview. “I’m confident he’s going to do something. He has to decide when he’s going to do it.”

Politico Huddle, the morning newsletter, gets in to how this might play out in the midterm election:

"Until now, few Democrats have been willing to break publicly with Obama over his vow to issue an executive order on immigration. Democratic incumbents in this year's most competitive Senate races have already voiced concern, but the calls from others to hold off on acting suggest Democrats are growing even more anxious about the decision and its potential to upend the fight for control of the Senate."

--" But the flagging support among senators is particularly worrisome to the White House, which will be reluctant to make such a controversial move without the strong backing of congressional Democrats. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) declined Thursday to say that Obama should act ahead of the election - a noncommittal posture that reflects the deep divisions within his caucus. 'The decision is the president's,' Reid said in an interview at the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas. 'I'm confident he's going to do something. He has to decide when he's going to do it.'

--"At a Capitol Hill meeting Wednesday, a Reid aide warned advocates to not attack the vulnerable Senate Democrats from Alaska, Louisiana, Arkansas and North Carolina who have urged the president to go slow. Efforts to publicly pressure the group would most likely backfire, the aide warned. Those Democrats won't want to support Obama once he does issue an order, whenever it comes, and that could compel him to go with a smaller package because of the limited political support, according to sources familiar with the meeting."

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