Senator majority leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, praised Senator Carl Levin effusively for casting his 12,000 vote:

"Carl Levin is somebody that I so admire," said Reid on the floor of the Senate. "He's got a lot of service left in him, Mr. President. There are so many things that he is capable of doing as a result of the positions he now holds in the Senate. But the one thing that--I admire so many things about Carl Levin--but the one thing as I have already indicated is how strongly he feels about his family. He and his brother have a piece of property in Michigan. They call it the 'Tree Farm.' And I still have, in Searchlight [Nevada], my hat they gave me that says 'Tree Farm.' And he has talked to me on many occasions--we haven't talked lately--about how he and his brother like to walk on their tree farm. There is nothing there except trees. But it is an occasion for them to be together as brothers."

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