The return of ROTC to Harvard might be (as the Politico’s Mike Allen notes) “the most underplayed story.” At the Washington Post’s website, the news has been relegated to a mere blog post, while the New York Times webpage is giving better play to a story about James Franco’s studies at Yale. (In the dead-tree version, an article about $800 truffles made the front page, but not Harvard ROTC.)

In fairness, there’s a lot of news right now, and there will likely be more coverage this afternoon when Harvard president Drew Faust and Navy secretary Ray Mabus sign the official agreement. The round-up thus far:

--The Harvard Crimson reports Harvard is getting serious about reaching out to the other service branches. Kevin “Kit” Parker, the new chair of the ROTC implementation committee, says “Harvard should reach out and make the Army an offer they can’t refuse.”

--Max Boot at Contentions cheers the decision, and encourages the other service branches to take up Harvard on its invitation: “You would think the military would be eager for entree to our best campuses, but not so,” he writes. “Military recruiters know that their best bets are at large public universities in the South and Midwest; they will attract comparatively few recruits in the Ivy Leagues while having to commit scarce resources to the effort…The symbolic importance of reestablishing a connection with our top-tier universities should outweigh the cost of the commitment.”

--More commentary: Mark Thompson at Time, the Volokh Conspiracy, the Stanford Review, the ACTA statement.

--Harvard’s “gender non-conforming” students plan to protest the signing. Their statement.

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