Mitt Romney seems to have succeeded in raising enough doubts about Newt Gingrich to secure a comfortable win in Florida, but his attacks and his prospective victory coincide with a majority of Americans thinking President Obama doesn’t look too bad. Rasmussen’s polling shows that 51 percent of all likely voters now approve of Obama, compared to 48 percent who disapprove. Until yesterday, Obama hadn’t surpassed the 50-percent mark since last spring—more than eight months ago—and his 51 percent tally matches his highest approval rating over the past year.

Moreover, Rasmussen now shows Obama leading Romney by 5 percentage points (47 to 42 percent) in a head-to-head matchup. That’s an 11-point swing in Obama’s favor in about a month, as Romney led Obama by 6 points (45 to 39 percent) during the last week of December.

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