This "Age of Obama" is exhausting. Ever since Barack Obama stepped onto the stage at the DNC in 2004, it's as if we've all been stuck as bit players in the "Obama Show," which has by now become very tiresome in its seventh season. Everything all the time invariably is interpreted through this framework: What does this mean for Obama? What will Obama do about it? What does Obama think about it? How does Obama feel today? Is he happy? Boy I sure hope he's happy!

Even with the killing of Osama bin Laden -- did you notice all the media polls that jumped into the field immediately thereafter? They were tripping over themselves to write stories about what effect this will have on his political position!

I recognize that he's the president, but he's just the president, for goodness sake! We really need to keep that in mind (and by we, I mean of course the MSM). Ours is not a monarchy. This is a constitutional republic, and those of you who have studied up on the Constitution know full well that Congress, not the presidency, dominates the first article of our foundational document. The president's much smaller role is outlined in Article 2. We give the president a simple, republican title: "Mr. President." Nobody kneels before him when he walks into a room. He wears a suit and tie like everybody else. And he lives in a plain, white house that is supposed to emphasize the republican simplicity of our system of government.

All of this is doubly true now that the conservative coalition is back in power in Congress. The days when the Obama administration was able to wield significant influence over the legislative process are over until at least 2013. Now, he has to deal with Congress as a coequal branch.

Somebody seriously needs to tell the New York Times, and all of Obama's fans in the mainstream media, this fact.


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