The administration continues to jury rig the Affordable Care Act, which it sometimes calls “the law of the land.” The most recent fix is a 279 pager, released on Friday afternoon when the administration no doubt hoped most people would have better things to worry about. The 279 pages detailed changes in something called “risk corridors,” which is a charitable way of saying “bailout.”

As Elise Viebeck of the Hill writes:

Under the proposed rules, the administration would tweak the formula that determines how much money insurers pay and receive through the risk corridors.

The change will mean that some companies see higher payments, or higher charges than under previous rules. The calculations will correspond with insurers' administrative costs and on average, "suitably offset" any unexpected spending, according to the administration.

One wonders who gets to decide how much offset is “suitable." This week, that is.

These things are clearly subject to change, it seems, without much notice.

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