On Sunday, the White House blog declared that Obamacare made this Mother's Day "particularly special." On Monday, the Obamacare website Healthcare.gov got into the act, suggesting that "Health insurance with Medicaid is the perfect Mother’s Day gift":

The blog entry goes on to note that:

if you know a mom who needs coverage – for herself or her family – let her know about Medicaid and CHIP. Getting health coverage for her kids is the kind of present every mom loves, and not just on Mother’s Day. Enrollment is open all year long, so why wait?

As the blog post acknowledges, the advice comes a day late. But at least it's not a dollar short since this gift won't cost the giver anything. "Children and teens up to 19 can qualify for free or low-cost coverage – and parents may be eligible too." So while there's a chance mom might have to chip in towards her own gift, for the most part Uncle Sam has got it covered.

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