As far as political odd couples go, it doesn't get any odder than Sarah Palin and Jon Stewart. However, the two have come together to help veterans and have cut an ad in support of ACP AdvisorNet, which helps vets get jobs. ACP AdvisorNet is an innovative idea -- it's a virtual community service opportunity to assist those who have served by connecting them with business leaders to help jump start their careers.

And since it's National Volunteer Week, consider doing your own part to help. By visiting the ACP AdvisorNet's website you can even offer your own services to provide career guidance, based on your vocational expertise. Business leaders from all over have pitched in with the effort, and it's a great way to help veterans that goes beyond simply writing a check. The site is free, and ACP AdvisorNet does not sell ads or any of the data they collect. Watch Palin and Stewart's ad for ACP AdvisorNet below -- Stewart even graciously lets Palin have the punchline:

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