During an interview on Dennis Prager's radio show today, Daniel Henninger elaborated on his piece in the Wall Street Journal, saying that he doesn't think Mitt Romney is yet ready for the challenge of taking on President Obama. Henninger, the deputy editor of the Wall Street Journal editorial page, thinks Romney needs to face an extended competition with Newt Gingrich to sharpen and toughen him, and thereby prepare him for the main event. In response to Republicans who are worried that Gingrich could potentially beat Romney and then implode during a general election campaign, Henninger made the salient observation that if Gingrich is able to survive a lengthy Republican race, extending well into the spring, then Republicans could be reasonably confident that he is a lot more disciplined now than many are giving him credit for being and therefore would be likely to continue in that vein going forward.

While expressing hope that Gingrich and Romney will sharpen each other, Henninger and Prager both added that they'd prefer Paul Ryan.

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