Radio host Hugh Hewitt says on his blog Monday that Daniel Halper's book, Clinton, Inc.: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine is a "must buy" book of the summer. Hewitt notes the leak of Halper's book to members of the media over the weekend:

The story of the dirty trick aimed at Halper is detailed in this Daily Beast article by Lloyd Grove. I can only hope that not only O’Reilly and every other Fox News host features Halper but that MSM is shamed into the coverage of the Clinton Inc tactic which foreshadows how a Team Hillary campaign will be waged and how a Hill-Bill White House would be run.

In Friday’s interview with me Marco Rubio indicated that not just he but many people could beat Hillary. I agree that her opening acts are as flat-footed as a circus clown’s, her book a colossal and embarrassing fail, and her image of invincibility as brittle as the Soviet Union’s in 1988. But that won’t keep her stooges from trying again and again to bully their way back to 1600. (My Washington Examiner column this morning suggests one additional means by which the would be GOP nominees might worry the other side.)

No matter how the 2016 race shakes out, this battle of late July and all of August to assure a wide reading of and robust sales for Daniel Halper’s book should be one on which the center-right and the MSM cooperate.

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