Writing at the Washington Free Beacon, editor in chief Matthew Continetti explains how a donor to Hillary Clinton is trying to keep his reporters out of the University of Arkansas library. One of those reporters, Alana Goodman, had gone to Arkansas and uncovered audio tapes of Clinton reminiscing about a case early in her career where her client was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl.

Some have argued that defending that client was simply Clinton doing her job as a defense attorney. Clinton's 2008 campaign spokesman Howard Wolfson did so during that campaign, making it seem as if Clinton were "assigned" to the case and just doing her duty as an officer of the court. But Continetti reminds readers of some facts—most importantly, that Clinton agreed to take on the rapist as a client:

The facts are these. In 1975, before she married Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham defended a child rapist in Arkansas court. She was not a public defender. No one ordered her to take the case. An ambitious young lawyer, she was asked by a friend if she would represent the accused, and she agreed. And her defense was successful. Attacking the credibility of the 12-year-old victim on the one hand, and questioning the chain of evidence on another, Clinton got a plea-bargain for her client. He served ten months in prison, and died in 1992. The victim, now 52, has had her life irrevocably altered—for the worse.

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