Hillary Clinton signed books earlier today at a Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. A number of people came out to get their copy of her newly released memoir signed.

"There are roughly 380 people in line at Clinton’s first book signing in New York," CNN claimed.

The crowd was "similar" in size to the crowds James Franco, Suzanne Collins, and Elizabeth Warren received.

But fewer people showed up than when the Jonas Brothers came to the same Barnes & Noble.

"A Barnes & Noble spokeswoman said the crowd’s size was not particularly unusual. The actor James Franco, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Suzanne Collins, the author of 'The Hunger Games' trilogy, received similar welcomes. The Jonas Brothers got bigger crowds," the New York Times reports.

Another interesting tid-bit from that same Times report? Hillary Clinton's been calling political figures who have publicly announced support for her possible presidential run.

"Although federal campaign laws prohibit Mrs. Clinton from coordinating with Ready for Hillary or any super PAC, she did call to thank Mr. Emanuel for his support, as she has many of the other prominent Democrats who have gotten behind the group, said three people familiar with Mrs. Clinton’s thank-you calls," the Times reports.

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