Politico reports:

A new poll finds that Latinos — a key bloc in Democrats’ electoral coalition — are less enthusiastic than voters overall about the looming midterm elections.

Nearly two-thirds of Latino registered voters, or 65 percent, plan to back the Democrat running in their local congressional race, according to the Pew Hispanic Center poll released Tuesday. Just 22 percent indicated they would cast a ballot for the Republican candidate.

But the poll found that only a third of all Latino registered voters, or 32 percent, said they have given this year’s election “quite a lot” of thought. By contrast, half of all registered voters said the same thing.

When asked about whether they intend to vote, 51 percent of Latino voters said they are absolutely certain they will vote in the midterms, compared with 70 percent of all registered voters.

A Gallup poll of registered voters, released October 1, painted a much worse picture for Democrats: "Hispanics in September favored Democrats by a 13-point margin (51% to 38%), compared with 32-point margins in June and July."

Looks like the White House strategy to boost Hispanic support by suing Arizona over its immigration law hasn't worked out.

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