Two hundred North Carolina teachers are getting their hours cut due to Obamacare, WITN reports:

"Substitute teachers are trying to find ways to substitute their incomes after recent cuts," says one local anchor.

"Yeah, it's been a month since we first told you that the school districts would limit work days for subs to under 30 hours a week, all because of the affordable health care act. So what is the impact that it's having? One sub says she's now wondering how she will continue to survive and make ends meet without that income," the other anchor on set adds.

A school spokesman blames Obamacare and says, "The cost for us would be to provide health insurance for everyone, we're looking at just over a million dollars, is what I'm told, and that's the lowest cost to this school system."

The reporter adds, "He says there are 400 subs in the district."

"We had about 200 who were averaging more than the 30 hours per week that the Affordable Care Act deems to be full time," says the spokesman.

The local reporter adds, "So the solution was to cut their hours. ... Well, the school district says the penalty for not paying health care insurance for those who work fulltime hours would be steep, more than 6 million dollars. Money the district, he says, can't afford."

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