Confusion held by some Democrats about the proper role of government is coming to the fore in a recent push to get Republican House members who oppose Obamacare to eschew their federal health care benefits. Missouri Democratic Party chairman Craig Hosmer says the question is whether Missouri Republicans will "reject their federal health insurance plans or will they show themselves to be true hypocrites, who believe they deserve better health insurance than the people of Missouri..."

So, let me get this straight: If you oppose subjecting all of America to government-run health care, and sticking American taxpayers with the bill, then you must also oppose government-run health care for government employees – or else you're a hypocrite?

One wonders how far Hosmer and like-minded Democrats would carry this out. Under this logic, military personnel who oppose Obamacare are hypocrites if they accept their federal health care benefits. Employees of Intel, Kellogg's, and other companies are presumably also hypocrites if they accept their health-care benefits even though Intel and Kellogg's don't provide those same benefits for people who don't work for them. And, of course, members of Congress (Obamacare supporters and opponents alike), if they're to avoid being hypocritical, should also give up their salaries, their office space, and their staffs – unless they think the government should provide these to everyone.

Surely the Missouri Democratic Party chairman and his allies don't truly fail to see the distinction between being compensated for your work, and having money redistributed to you by the government, courtesy of those who work. Even those who support spreading the wealth around must at least see that these are two very different things.

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