Is the left turning against the reelection campaign of Democratic President Barack Obama? That's the impression one gets from a recent article in the left-leaning Huffington Post.

In an article titled, "The Obama Campaign Is Unworthy of a Democratic President," Georges Ugeux, who identifies himself as the chairman and CEO of Galileo Global Advisors and an adjunct professor at Columbia Law School, writes, "As a Democrat and a staunch support of Barack Obama, I am completely disgusted by his campaign. Are we talking about the President of the United States? Are we talking about a principled man who has boosted our ideal for a fair and equitable America? Does this have anything to do with the American people?"

Ugeux goes on to accuse Obama's campaign of "harassment" by incessantly calling and emailing to ask for campaign cash--"Even those of us who asked to only receive selective information."

To that "presidential" harassment one needs to add what the Democratic Party does: strangely enough they only call and e-mail to collect money. Never to tell us what are the important causes for the Party.

Then, the liberal law professor complaina that, for the Obama campaign, "It's all about money."

The subjects for whom we are approached are generally a teaser to get to money. If we want to wish Happy Mother's day to the First Lady, a link to the payment process is attached.

The e-mail from the President "I will be outspent" is disgraceful. Is that how Barack Obama judges his campaign? Does he truly believe that he will lose his reelection on the fact that it might be outspent? "We can win a race which the other side spends more than we do. But not this much more".

Ugeux believes these actions are unpresidential. "Mr. President: stop sending those mercantile messages," the Huffington Post writer instructs. "Tell us that our ideals and objectives are worth more than the difference of spending. Tell us why what really matters. Be a President who cares about the American People. Not about money."

Finally, Ugeux accuses the Obama campaign of becoming an "advertising machine."

They make money on dirt and contention. They exacerbate the debates. They ignore the substance...and we finance them to do this dirty work.

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