The former ambassador to China and governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, who was noticeably absent from last night's Republican primary debate in New Hampshire, will reportedly announce that he's running for president next week. NBC reports:

After months of campaigning in early primary and caucus states, former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is prepping to announce his bid for the Republican nomination.

According to The Associated Press, he will make his bid official on June 21 at a site near the Statue of Liberty.

NBC News confirmed the event next week at Liberty State Park in New Jersey. "Lady Liberty provides a great backdrop for an announcement speech," revealed a source.

Politico reports that on the significance of the location of Huntsman's announcement:

A smart colleague reminds us that Ronald Reagan kicked off his formal general election campaign in 1980 with a Liberty Park speech, as Jon Huntsman is doing for his primary effort.

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