The New Hampshire Union Leader reports:

“Jon Huntsman continued his courting of New Hampshire voters in a visit with health care providers at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Tuesday afternoon.

“Huntsman gave a stump speech and took questions from medical center staff in a Health Policy forum….

“When asked about Obamacare, Huntsman said he has not promised to repeal the health care law like many of his primary contenders, but said he would take a balanced approach to the bill. Good measures in the bill such as [mandated] coverage for people with pre-existing conditions or allowing young adults to stay on their parents plan up to a certain age [by mandating that insurers cover them] should stay in place, along with other good measures in the bill if possible, he said. He added the Supreme Court has yet to rule whether or not the bill is constitutional….

“‘Let’s take a careful assessed approach,’ he said. ‘As president I think my inclination would be to call together the fifty governors together, [because] many of the governors have worked on various aspects of healthcare reform.…We’ve got to start with cost containment and transparency,’ he said.”

Igor Volsky writes that yesterday afternoon “campaign spokesperson Tim Miller clarified that the candidate ‘supports the repeal of Obamacare and would assess reinstating certain provisions once repealed.’”

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