Last night, on Special Report, I urged Mitt Romney to step up and address President Obama's failure to explain what decisions he made and didn't make on the evening of September 11, as Americans fought terrorists in Benghazi. This afternoon it seems that Romney, not having mentioned Benghazi in his speeches today, has decided to ignore my entreaty. And so I've received a bunch of inquiries—from friends, allies, and journalists—asking how worried, distressed, even disconsolate I am.

I'm fine. And I suspect Romney will be, too. The Romney campaign believed that to address Benghazi at the end of the race, after a couple of weeks of silence, would have been taken by the media—and perhaps by some voters—as desperate. They may have been right. In any case, now, on Saturday afternoon, it probably really is too late.

So if Benghazi breaks through, it will bethanks to the efforts of reporters and commentators—including the Washington Post, which endorsed Obama last week, and today editorialized about the unacceptable failure of the Obama administration to explain what happened before, during and after September 11.

So Romney will stick with his game plan, and we'll continue to do what we can to highlight what we believe to be a genuine outrage. When Romney prevails Tuesday, the campaign can claim it was right all along not to let Benghazi distract from its core economic message. The rest of us can claim that our independent efforts to spotlight Benghazi may have made the difference. Vindication all around! Everyone wins!

As long as Romney does. Which I actually think he will.

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