A return to the medieval era is on the horizon for those living in our nation's capital—at least based on this headline in Sunday's Washington Post:

Medical-marijuana legalization. Same-sex marriage. Needle-exchange programs to combat HIV. These are progressive civic choices that Washington has made. But no step forward comes without concern that Congress could step in and push the city onto a path backward.

Keep in mind this was not an op-ed in the Outlook section but a reporting piece by Ann E. Marimow in Metro. And to be fair, Marimow does point out how the current administration has impacted D.C. residents:

In Southeast Washington, single mother Ravenia Boyd-Gordon was elated when her two children were awarded scholarships last year to help pay for private-school tuition. But the D.C. vouchers were quickly rescinded by the Obama administration because of uncertainty over funding from Congress.

"I was in a jam," Boyd-Gordon said. "When you have children, you have to plan ahead. It set me back at least a year in planning a direction for their education."

You would think following on the heels of Waiting for Superman, this point would be discussed at length in the local media. Instead, you get a headline that braces you for the invasion of the Visigoths. Who knows, despite all the gloom they could bring to D.C.'s progressive population, the barbarians might decide to revive the city's charter school program.

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