One price, however, has recently spiked dramatically according to this Bloomberg headline

Obama Quietly Raises 'Carbon Price' as Costs to Climate Increase

As Mark Drajemgoes on to report:

The increase of the so-called social cost of carbon, to $38 a metric ton in 2015 from $23.80, adjusts the calculation the government uses to weigh costs and benefits of proposed regulations. The figure is meant to approximate losses from global warming such as flood damage and diminished crops.

One marvels at the precision. Fourteen dollars and twenty cents. The twenty cents being the grace note.

Also, there is the wisdom to see what others cannot, to divine the future of "Climate Increase" (and, by the way, how exactly does a climate "increase") when even the New York Times is reporting that there hasn't been much climate change for the last fifteen years.

The confidence here is impressive. And, then, there is the politics. The dramatic rise in the price of carbon could, it seems:

... have wide-ranging implications for everything from power plants to the Keystone XL pipeline.

And that clears everything right up.

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