Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, has released a statment urging the Obama White House to cooperate with authorities on the national security leaks investigation.

"Full cooperation means submitting to interviews and surrendering documents, including phones messages, calendars, and emails revealing contact with the reporters in question. The President should instruct his staff to fully cooperate with the Justice Department," says Rogers.

"After all, it was the White House that rejected calls for a special prosecutor claiming it was unnecessary due to the appointment of U.S. Attorneys. The burden is on the White House to explain how they are fully cooperating with that investigation."

Rogers suggests he is not exactly confident in the investigation, anyway. "There are significant questions about the role of the White House with regard to the widespread disclosure of sensitive national security information," says Rogers. "I have had serious doubts about the ability of the Executive Branch to investigate itself, but at a minimum, to restore confidence that the White House is not politicizing intelligence, it should immediately explain whether and how it is fully cooperating with the DoJ investigation."

And he reiterates the importance of stopping the leaks: "This has gotten more serious over time. Weekly I hear of governments and individuals thinking twice about helping the United States because they fear we cannot keep a secret. The Commander in Chief has a duty to protect the vital intelligence on which our national security depends and to show that he takes his responsibilities seriously by fully cooperating with the Justice Department."
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