Barack Obama has been known to do an easy interview every once and a while, but his latest radio interview might top them all.

In the interview, conducted by Tom Joyner and Sybil Wilkes, President Obama is told, "We got you, we got your back." The two interviewers flatter the president, as he in turns gives them a pep talk, telling them not to give up.

Here's an excerpt:

BARACK OBAMA: You were around in 2008.

TOM JOYNER: Oh, yeah.

BARACK OBAMA: How many times did everybody say that somehow we weren’t going to win.


TOM JOYNER: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

BARACK OBAMA: Do you remember that?

TOM JOYNER: Yeah, oh do I.

BARACK OBAMA: Has everybody forgotten?


TOM JOYNER: No, no. Not here.

TOM JOYNER: Not here. We’re still fired up. We’re still fired up.

BARACK OBAMA: As I say, as some of these emails that go around with my picture on them say, I can’t quote the entire thing, but “I got this.”

TOM JOYNER: Yeah. Yeah. I know what you’re talking about.


SYBIL WILKES: And we got you, Mr. President.

TOM JOYNER: We got you, we got your back.

The transcript of the entire interview has been posted at

In the same interview, President Obama reveals he "was just too polite" during the last presidential debate, and he predicts he'll win next week's match-up with Mitt Romney.

"And by next week I think a lot of the hand wringing will be complete because we’re going to go ahead and win this thing," said Obama.

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