You are governor of a mid-Western state with substantial union membership and voters who are generally disgruntled and feeling no love for your Republican party. You are down in the polls and friendless in the media. What to do?

Well, here is an idea:

... make government cheaper and more efficient, cut taxes and slap around union leaders.

You're a Republican so it will feel good to do these things. And, you'll know, in your heart, that it is right. But ... will it work?

Well, as Jim VandeHei, Mike Allen, & Elizabeth Titus write at Politico, in the case of Ohio ...

Mere months ago, [John] Kasich was among the most unpopular governors in the land. Now, he is surging, his approval numbers rising north of 50 percent as his state’s unemployment numbers have dropped.

The turnaround is dramatic but not unprecedented. Kasich is, in fact:

... replicating much of the approach that Mitch Daniels took as Indiana governor during two terms ending in January. It’s what Scott Walker forced on Wisconsin, and Mike Pence is now trying to do in the Hoosier State. The public backlash is intense initially, abates over time, and eventually gives way as job growth pushes other issues into the background, including the GOP’s dilemma with immigration and same-sex marriage.

And, it should be said, proves again that while economic growth may not be the solution to all our political problems, it does make the burden of them feel lighter and easier to bear

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