Speaking at a fundraiser (naturally), the president said what many have been saying. Namely that “Washington doesn’t work.” And, as Justin Sink of the Hill reports, he blamed the dysfunction on:

“...a party on the other side that has been captured by an ideology that says no to everything, … There might have been a time when that was an exaggeration but now it's not."

The president obviously has Congress in mind when he talks this way. There is, however, another malfunctioning “Washington” and that would be the executive branch for which President Obama is responsible and where nothing much seems to be “working.” This would include, to cite one example, a Department of Veterans Affairs that is cooking the books to make it appear as though patients are being treated when, in fact, they are dying of neglect.

The president’s duties include – perhaps drearily – running the government efficiently.

There is more to the malaise than legislative gridlock.

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