In the spirit of the election, many D.C. eateries have concocted politically themed menus—from BLT Steak's Obama and Romney burgers to the Occidental Grill's first lady cookies. THE WEEKLY STANDARD applauds these capitalist innovations, but a serious political magazine is simply not interested in publicizing food specials (unless of course it's a paid advertisement). So when a press release arrived via email from Crumbs Bake Shop touting Republican, Democrat, and Independent cupcakes, we weren't exactly moved. But then the free cupcakes arrived.

They're big and luscious, moist and delectable, and so all-American with red, white, and blue icing and stars and everything that makes this country great. So go to a Crumbs Bake Shop today and take a bite out of democracy!

Incidentally if a brewer, vintner, or distiller is also crafting election-themed beverages, please feel free to send them our way for further investigation.

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