A live webcast of the Jack Kemp Forum on the Future of the American Idea, taking place this morning in Washington, D.C.:

Live streaming video by Ustream

The boss is on at 10:10 a.m.

Here's the scheduled line-up:

9:45 Welcome- Jimmy Kemp

9:50 Mr. Lincoln & the American Idea -- Rich Lowry

10:10 Session I -- Leadership for the American Idea

Discussion Leader William Kristol; Garry Kasparov, Peggy Noonan, Bob Schoultz

11:45 Lunch -- Keynote Speaker Garry Kasparov

1:00 Session II -- Growth, Growth, Growth!

Discussion Leader Fred Barnes; George Gilder, Amity Shlaes, Deborah Wince-Smith

2:30 Session III - Freedom, Dignity, Opportunity

Discussion Leader Juan Williams; Arthur Brooks, Ron Christie, Wayne Frederick

4:00 Looking Forward, Looking Back -- Mort Kondracke

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