Commentary editor John Podhoretz announces that Jennifer Rubin is moving to the Washington Post:

On December 1, Jen will be leaving COMMENTARY, where she has also served as our contributing editor for the past year, to take up blogger’s residence at the Washington Post. It is a brilliant hire for them and a terrific loss for us. A noteworthy fact about Jen’s versatility is that, even considering the thousands of blog items (literally) she has written for us over the past three years, the best-read of all her COMMENTARY contributions was her recent long article, “California, There It Went,” a unique and powerful combination of memoir and elegy for the state she left to take up residence in her new East Cost home and begin her second career as a writer.

We’ll miss her, but we’ll keep reading her, as I expect you will too.

Congratulations to Jen. You can read her contributions to THE WEEKLY STANDARD here.

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