ISIS is well on its way to having a country of its own and, evidently, already has a military infrastructure set up to train recruits in skills needed to wage Jihad and secure the Caliphate.

Bill Roggio reports in Long War Journal:

The Islamic State released several photographs of what it said are its training camps in Iraq's Ninewa province. The images are the latest in a propaganda effort by various terror groups in both Iraq and Syria to promote their training camp infrastructure … videos from ISIS, Al Nusrah Front, Muhajireen Army, and Imam Bukhari Jamaat training camps are reminiscent of others released by al Qaeda from the network of camps in Afghanistan during the 1990s. Al Qaeda used camps such as Khalden and Al Farouq to churn out thousands of foreign fighters who fought alongside the Taliban in the 55th Arab Brigade. But al Qaeda also selected graduates of the camps to conduct attacks in the West, including the Sept. 11, 2001 operation against the US.

Some things, one thinks, have changed. And fundamentally so. Back then didn’t know what the the jihadists had in mind for the long term.

Also, we didn’t have drones.

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