National Review's Brian Bolduc gets a coveted interview with Jimmy McMillan, the the star of last night's New York gubernatorial debate and leader of "Rent Is Too Damn High" party:

McMillan refuses to speak ill of his rivals, Carl Paladino and Andrew Cuomo. A veteran of the Vietnam War, McMillan says Paladino “is my brother because he was a captain in the United States Army for five years. I would never say anything negative about him. He told me his credentials backstage before the debate. I didn’t know. I wanted to eat him up. But now he’s my brother.”

McMillan on Reagan:

A sense of humor is the sharpest of political weapons and for McMillan, no one wielded it better than Reagan. “Obama has almost got it, but Ronald Reagan perfected it,” he says. “I love him to death.”

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