In an op-ed at, John Bolton defends defense:

The risks of debilitating cuts to our national-security budget will be a critical issue for Congress when it reconvenes after the August recess. While the media focus as Congress adjourned earlier this month was on the big-picture implications of the legislation lifting the federal debt-ceiling, we cannot lose sight of the difficult -- and imminent -- struggles just ahead in September.

Critical appropriations measures for Fiscal Year 2012 (“FY 2012,” beginning October 1) will have a major impact not just in the immediate future, but will also set the stage -- and budget baselines -- for future force levels, research and development, weapons procurement, and budget allocations....

Hollowing out America’s military would be a catastrophic mistake in a dangerous world. Recent press reports alone have highlighted, among other threats and challenges:

(1) The continuing dangers in Iraq and Afghanistan from terrorists and their state sponsors.

(2) Al Qaeda’s ongoing and very active efforts to acquire nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, most recently Al Qaeda in Yemen’s efforts to produce the pathogen ricin.

(3) The grave nuclear proliferation threats embodied in North Korea and Iran; and...

(4) China’s and Russia’s continuing assertive and even belligerent diplomatic offensives and the build-ups in their respective conventional and strategic weapons forces.

However important it is to restrain federal spending -- and it is more important now than in living memory -- it is not the time to skimp on defending America. September will be a critical month.

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