According to Politico, “Obama’s exasperation with modern journalism, like his contempt for modern politics, is rooted in his disappointment with the current state of its practitioners…”

President Obama does, however, think highly enough of the New York Times to read the whole, entire Sunday edition.

“He likes The New York Times,” a onetime Obama press adviser told POLITICO. “They are serious. He thinks the rest of you guys aren’t. He was the kind of guy who would buy the Sunday Times and spend all day reading it.”

Still, no non-Times journalist should have hurt feelings. It isn't personal; it's a matter of standards.

Administration officials say Obama doesn’t hate the media; he just holds journalists to a higher standard.

Perhaps some journalists should return the favor.

Finally, like all major political figures in these times, President Obama has found it necessary to go around the mainstream press and use other venues to get his message out. One wonders if he holds The View & the Jimmy Kimmel show to the same higher standards which he applies to the rest of the media.

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