The latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that, since the survey taken in the first month after Obamacare’s passage, the gap between those who like Obamacare and those who dislike it has swung 8 percentage points against the health care overhaul. Kaiser is an outlier poll, consistently showing greater support for Obamacare than can be found nearly anywhere else. Yet even Kaiser’s polling now shows that only 41 percent of Americans support President Obama’s signature legislation.

Even that 41-percent tally, however, is driven overwhelmingly by support from Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters. Among independents who don’t lean toward either party, only 29 percent support Obamacare — a remarkable figure. Among Republican-leaning independents, only 11 percent support Obamacare. Moreover, among seniors (from across the political spectrum), only 31 percent support Obamacare.

Intensity of feeling also continues to be against the overhaul. Each month, the poll asks respondents whether they have a “very favorable,” “somewhat favorable,” “somewhat unfavorable,” or “very unfavorable” opinion of Obamacare. For 15 consecutive months, the most frequently given answer has been “very unfavorable.”

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