Keith Judd, the federal inmate who won over 40 percent of the Democratic primary vote in West Virginia on Tuesday, just might be gaining momentum! (President Obama carried the state with 59 percent of the vote.)

In this recently released ad, the Washington Free Beacon makes the case for Judd:

Here's the text of the ad:

People shackled by debt, their healthcare held hostage… A nation under assault.

It’s time for real change.

Keith Judd.

An American willing to do WHATEVER it takes to steal the nomination. (CG: Extortion)

Keith Judd

A Democrat who serves his country. (CG: In Jail)

Keith Judd

A proven contender with a record of conviction.

Keith Judd

Political prisoner, fashion icon.

Keith Judd

He can’t vote, so you’ll need to vote for him.

Keith Judd

The only bailout America needs…for your freedom…and for his.


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