The federal prison inmate who got 41 percent of the Democratic primary vote in West Virginia last week against President Obama tells CNN that this election is about the economy:

As he sat in a prison cell in Texas, Keith Judd, inmate # 11593-051, was winning 40% of the vote in the West Virginia Democratic primary last week amid whatever fanfare one could receive in such a place.

Judd, whose name appeared opposite incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama, was pleasantly surprised.

"It's about time,' he said. "The message is out there."

In a phone interview with CNN from prison, Judd explained his message is all about the economy and what he calls basic economic problems.

"The poor and middle class are being controlled by the wealthy. It's like Monopoly," he said. "When one person gets all the money, the game is over."

Last week, the Washington Free Beacon imagined a Judd presidential advertisement:

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