Secretary of State John Kerry says that he "would anticipate timely decisions from the president" on what to do in Iraq.

“This needs to be a wake-up call for all of Iraq’s political leaders,” the Washington Post quotes Kerry as saying. “I am confident that the United States will move rapidly and effectively.”

But the last time Secretary of State Kerry was this confident about American action, President Obama changed his mind and decided not to intervene militarily in Syria. He says this time is different:

Kerry said that unlike in Syria, where a brutal regime has been fighting a broad array of insurgent groups, “in Iraq there is a government that we have been deeply involved in, that we support, that we have a military relationship with” and that has “asked us for help.”

He called ISIS a “common threat” to the entire region, including to Iran.

The secretary of state did not indicated what would possibly be done in Iraq, but "Kerry said the group discussed possible military intervention," the Post reported. "[B]ut he gave no details."
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