It is a cliché at this point to remark that John Kerry is operating in a fantasy world. But sometimes there is no other word to describe the enormous distance between his perception of what is happening and what is actually happening.

Consider Kerry's reaction to the news that Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has decided to violate one of the basic promises he had made as part of the Kerry-brokered peace talks with Israel: not pursuing unilateral statehood at the United Nations.

Earlier this week, Abbas took the world by surprise by announcing that the PA would do precisely that. The PA released a list of 15 international treaties and conventions to which it would sign "letters of accession," a right the PA enjoys owing to its 2012 elevation by the UN General Assembly to observer status. The PA's right to join the 15 treaties and conventions is owed explicitly to its UN status; one of the bodies it is joining—the Convention Against Corruption—is purely a UN body; and all 15 of the treaties and conventions are run under the auspices of the United Nations. Nobody on earth is claiming that the PA is not going to the UN.

Nobody except John Kerry. His response to a reporter who questioned him about Abbas's clear and obvious violation of his UN promise?

"No, he’s not. He is not. Let me make it absolutely clear: None of the agencies that President Abbas signed tonight involve the UN. None of them."

None of them, except all of them.

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