First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by a Virginia YMCA yesterday where she met with elementary and middle school kids. The kids had tough questions for the first lady, including the whereabouts of the president of the United States. She did not immediately know.

From the pool report:

Asked where he was, she said, “he’s at work,” then asked the adults, “Where is Barack Obama?” She was told he’s in Colorado today.

When asked by a kid where the Obamas would live if President Obama loses, "The First Lady said they could figure that out later," according to the pool report.

Michelle Obama was also asked whether she likes Barack Obama. “I do like Obama, I like him a lot,” Michelle Obama said.

Another kid wondered if she's the president. “I am not a president. I am married to the president,” she said.

At the Y, she told the kids to "eat your vegetables."

“I love to come to the Ys and see what’s going on.” She then tells them to have a great year in school and “eat your vegetables.” She called the stop “a nice break in my day.”

More from the pool report:

The First Lady then moved on to an elementary-grades class of kids, who were also very surprised – one kept screaming “oh my God, I’m going to die.”

As she entered the room, one boy pointed at her and yelled “Obama.” The First Lady said “No, I’m his wife.”

She again moved around the tables, asking kids about their age, grade and interests. Several asked about her dog Bo, and about her own children, who she said would be home from school soon.

One table had several football fans. “I’m from Chicago, so I love the Bears,” said the First Lady. The kids pointed out a staffer who was wearing a Bears shirt and is from Chicago. The First Lady asked him where in Chicago he’s from. ...

Another boy asked her if she thinks Obama will get outrun by Mitt Romney. “I watch TV,” he said by way of explanation, adding that he sees a lot of Romney on TV.

“He does have a lot of commercials,” the First Lady answered.

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