Jack Kingston, the longtime Republican congressman from Georgia and a U.S. Senate candidate, is out with his first TV ad of the primary season. The 30-second spot will introduce Kingston, a South Georgian based in Savannah, to the rest of the state, particularly the Atlanta media market. The message of the ad is that Kingston is a principled conservative who shares values with the state's Republican voters. Watch it below:

The ad also features Kingston driving through the live oak-lined streets of coastal Georgia in an beat-up, wood-paneled Buick Roadmaster.

Kingston is running in a crowded GOP primary against fellow Congressmen Paul Broun and Phil Gingrey, as well as against businessman David Perdue and former secretary of state Karen Handel. That primary, set for May 20 with a likely July runoff, is essentially locked in a five-way tie according to the most recent polls.

With this ad, Kingston is attempting to achieve two goals: introduce himself to voters who live outside his rural, southern district, and get across that he is a familiar, trustworthy conservative. His primary opponents have argued that Kingston's voting record is too liberal on spending appropriations.

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